Barzev Consulting

assists people and organizations to develop their environmental management system, in order to improve the efficiency of their production processes and make them more resilient to climatic phenomena. We do this through the development of projects and training activities that encourage them to be generators of change.

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We assist people and organizations to become capable of implementing adequate solutions to their needs and problems. We also provide to them a group of highly qualified experts.

We develop private and public sector projects, based on our clients´ needs. We look for alternative solutions, in accordance with the context and characteristics of the organization.


We carry out training activities in order to expand the knowledge, skills and aptitudes of our clients. Our goal is for them to have a better performance in their daily-bases activities, and also become capable of adapting to the changing requirements of their business environment.

We Assist People and Organizations

In the following areas:

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Strengthen our clients´ knowledge and skills in order for them to be able to determine the influence of the environment in their business activities.

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Project Management:

Strengthen our clients´ capabilities in order to increment their effectiveness and optimize the productive processes.

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Environmental Management

Provide to our clients communication tools that will improve their individual and collective relationships.

Environmental management:

1. Business plans for small and medium entrepreneurs

2. Finances for small and medium businesses

3. Accounting for non-accountants

4. Simplified project management (budgets and schedules)

5. Processes' management and performance indicators

6. Strategic business planning

7. Develop a value proposals

8. Preparing bidding proposals

9. Financial Decision Making


1. Environmental business management

2. Environmental business plans

3. Economic valuation of the environmental impacts and ecosystem services

4. Environmental education for executives

5. Calculation of environmental guarantee

6. Circular economy

7. Financial mechanisms and strategies for fund raising for environmental conservation

8. Optimization models for sustainable use of the natural resources

9. Strategic environmental assessment

Sustainable Communication

1. Strategic and management communication

2. New technologies and education

3. Speaking skills and personal presentation

4. Assertive communication

5. Humor for healing

6. The communication as an organizational strengthening element

7. Digital marketing for touristic businesses

8. Digital marketing for Non-government organizations (NGOs)

9. Social responsibility in the digital era

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